Basketball Training

Lyndsey benefited tremendously from numerous outstanding coaches as a youth and was able to make great strides with personal coaching. Players who attend this training will be able to fine-tune their game and specific areas of weakness. Functional body training, shooting form and mental routine, ball handing speed and strength, and offensive and defensive tactics along with finishing moves will be the major areas of teaching. Each workout is tailored to the needs of the athletes based on their goal for the upcoming or current season.

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Here are the various ways to get additional basketball training from Lyndsey year-round:

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“Lyndsey is truly an inspiration. The deep passion she has for helping athletes become the best they possibly can be is amazing. Our individual time helped me transform from a decent college player to All-Big XII in less than 9 months. She helped me to reach goals and dreams I wasn't sure were possible. I am grateful to have her in my life in a basketball perspective but also a friend.” – Kelsey (Bolte) Carper, former Iowa State standout and former WNBA draftee, professional player in both France and Sweden.