Building Champions

'90% of the game is mental, only 10% is physical'. That's what THEY say. But what are THEY doing to provide athletes, parents, and coaches with the next level edge to tap into our best selves? Not enough. 

Mental Tips & Tricks, Developing Leadership, Handling Adversity, and so much more are ways to build yourself into a stronger, more consistent champion!

3 Ways we are Building Champions:

- Livestream Webinars
- Personal Consultations
- Speaking Engagements


  • Handling Adversity
  • Negative Teammates
  • Tough Coach
  • Accountability: Leading Myself
  • Riding the Bench
  • Wanting to Quit
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Building Consistent Habits
  • Confidence
  • Unfair Situations
  • How to Lead Others
  • Staying Motivated
  • Protecting My Joy
  • Nutrition & Rest
  • Dealing with Injury
  • The Recruiting Process
  • Creating Balance
  • Time Management
  • Creating an Identity
  • Handling the Media
  • Traveling as a Good Teammate
  • Knowing Your Why
  • Communication Skills; Verbal & Non-Verbal
  • Becoming a Skills Trainer

Livestream Webinar 

Join these 30 minute programs to ignite & inspire you to move closer to your goals, breaking thru common challenges, and tapping into your best self. Guest speakers will often us, so stay tuned to the schedule below for what's coming up!

Upcoming Events: Coming Soon!

Personal Consultation

Sport, age, gender, and goals are irrelevant. Are you struggling with one of the topics below? Set up a consultation, including a worksheet & action items at the end, to move beyond the obstacles in the way of your success.

Review the list of topics, complete the Form below and a consultation will be coordinated via email. Each video consultation lasts 30 minutes.


1 Consultation: $75
3 Consultations: $200 (saving of $25)
10 Consultations: $600 (saving of $150)

Speaking Engagements

Over 100 speaking engagements from schools to corporations to charities, Lyndsey is well versed in tailoring presentations from 30 minutes to 4 hours as desired. Engaging, articulate, personal, and high energy, if you're looking to motivate a group of individuals, look no further!

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