Hoops Training

Individual Training


Interested in a 1 on 1 session with Lyndsey? She has availability to grow your game by specifically working on your areas of improvement, while helping to build a game plan for development. Individual lessons are coordinated with each family and will receive other training tips / articles used to further development.  Looking to sign up for an individual? Cost for individual training is $100/hour, an additional athlete is $25.

Group Training

Or athletes can train in small groups (2 – 14 players) throughout the year. During these sessions, athletes will be challenged offensively, defensively, and provided the various intangibles that it takes to become a championship-level player. Small group athletes receive weekly emails with available training times and other training tips / articles used to further development. Please respond prior to 24 hours of the next workout to confirm attendance. Both males and females take part in the sessions.  Cost is $40 when 2-3 athletes attend, $30 when 4-8 athletes attend, $20 when 9+ athletes attend.


“Lyndsey sweats the details, encourages mistakes, is patient with all skill levels, promotes integrity, intensity and not finding fault, and most importantly, illustrates how life plays out in their game and vice versa.” – Perry Balke, Parent of Small Group Training Athlete

Year-Round Training:
Athletes can do 'pay as you go' or you will receive a monthly invoice via email. Either option is available and please let Lyndsey know which you will use at the first session. Training sessions are located in Ames, IA. Email Lyndsey today to get started TODAY, specificying your desired training option.

EXPECTATIONS: Athletes will arrive 5-10 minutes early and complete a proper warm-up so they can maximize the entire training hour.


Stay Tuned for the Release of Summer 2018 Dates